“Until that mixtape I hadn’t realized that I could even do rock at all, because my voice is so “pretty” and lends itself naturally to the classical side of music. I’m not a Goth personally, I’m more of a Dark Romantic, but I totally loved that music and wanted to make cool original music in the same vein ever since.”

Demo Release Day!

“A huge thank you for all the love. Wingspell couldn’t happen without awesome friends, fans, and mentors. Canada’s Music Incubator enabled the recording of the live demo you can hear now. The full band version would be expensive to make, and I’ve written grants for that, however there’s always a lot of competition for grants. So Wingspell will probably rely on your support even further to make TRULY EPIC songs.”

Drummer Appreciation Day

“Bands always seem to have difficulty with either the drummer or the bassist. I was lucky immediately to know a great bassist that would be interested in the project, is professional and reliable. Not so lucky finding a drummer yet, although I’m very excited to test out one person I met recently.”

Building a Band

“Wingspell has been a dream and a hope in the back of my mind for a long time. Now, I know some great people who know other great people. There’s lots to learn still and I’m sure I’ll make a few mistakes along the way, but this dream is beginning to take shape in reality.”