A Fairytale Romance

A Fairytale Romance
Lyrics 2007 Chagall Sierra
12/8 Andante

The Lady weaves her sad tales
From an isolated tower
The mirror crack’d from side to side
Laid down doom upon the hour
What happens when the Beauty
Is hunted by the Beast
I’m hoping that I’ll wake up now
Stop Sleeping so lost in dreams

You called me a Goddess
You called me an Angel
But you refused to see
The Lost Girl
The woman who’s not your fantasy

And yeah, I’m a Goddess, I’ve got a halo
But, sweetheart, we both know it’s bent
So tell me, what’s the use of being an angel
If you can’t make rent?

I’m just a broken dreamer
With feet of clay like the rest
A Paperbag Empress wandering lost
In search of resting her head
What happens when Prince Charming
Is a slimy Frog deep inside
When the gallant Knight goes off to fight
But on the enemy’s side

How will this story end
Is there another chance
Waiting just around the bend
How will this ending begin
Are you strong enough a man
To tame the beast that lies within

I called you a God
I called you a shining Prince
But you refused to free
The Lost Boy
The man trapped inside of this story

And yeah, you’re a God and you’ve got a gold crown
But, sweetheart, it’s grimy and worn
So tell me, what’s the use of ruling a kingdom
When your heart’s forsworn?