Demo Release Day!

Demo Release Day!

A huge thank you for all the love. Wingspell couldn’t happen without awesome friends, fans, and mentors. This demo is my vocals recorded live in the chapel at Coalition Music overtop of the backing tracks I made at home.

Canada’s Music Incubator enabled the recording of the live demo you can hear now. The full band version would be expensive to make, and I’ve written grants for that, however there’s always a lot of competition for grants. So Wingspell will probably rely on your support even further to make TRULY EPIC songs. For that reason, I’ve opened a Patreon specifically for Wingspell, and you can pledge to support every creation we do in the future. At low levels of total support, creation will include things like Scifi, Steampunk and Gothic photoshoots, lyrics videos, and new rough demos. At high levels of support it will include professionally recorded and released singles, live videos, and merchandise.

Wingspell releases a demo of dark New Age combined with Chamber Music and Gothic Rock. Different! Click To Tweet

Patrons receive the full download package (which includes some really cool extras) for as low as a $1 pledge, or you can support us with a purchase on Bandcamp.

You can listen to the demos right now on Soundcloud!

Bright Blessings,