Drummer Appreciation Day

Hug a drummer on October 10th!

Bands always seem to have difficulty with either the drummer or the bassist. I was lucky immediately to know a great bassist that would be interested in the project, is professional and reliable. Not so lucky finding a drummer yet, although I’m very excited to test out one person I met recently.

A solid rock foundation underneath the classical and 'new age' elements and a tight rhythm core for live performance. Click To Tweet

This is where having money to pay session players for rehearsals would be great… but it also helps weed out people who aren’t passionate about the project. My theatrically operatic voice is an acquired taste, particularly for the rock crowd. Some dedicated people have offered to split rehearsal studio costs even though I’m not paying session for rehearsals, which is totally sweet. (That is my responsibility though.)

With even just a bassist and a drummer I’d be happy to put the synths, orchestral elements, and guitars into the backing track. It would have the drive and heaviness I’m looking for to put a solid rock foundation underneath the classical and “new age” elements and be a tight core for live performance. Sure I’d love to tour with a string quintet, flute, oboe, synth/keys, 2 guitars, bass, drummer and percussionist, oh and a choir. Yeah. We need to grow this dream from something a little smaller.