Hi, I’m vocalist and composer Chagall Sierra, and this is my Renaissance Goth music project! I call it “Renaissance Goth” because it’s got a dark Renaissance Faire feeling to it – a combination of chamber music and dark folk, plus dark ambient synths and hard rock. I’ve wanted a Goth band since just after high school, when an Oldschool Goth in my community gave me a mixtape containing her idea of Goth music. It included songs from heavy metal, dark folk, and even oddly cheerful upbeat britpop with creepy lyrics. It blew my mind.

Until that Goth mixtape I hadn't realized that I could even do rock at all, my voice is so 'pretty' and classical. Click To Tweet

I’m not a Goth personally, I’m more of a Dark Romantic, but I totally loved that music and wanted to make cool original music in the same vein ever since.

Since 2014 I’ve been working hard to make that happen, upgrading my home studio, selecting lyrics specifically for this project, producing backing tracks… and in 2017 I received a scholarship seat in an amazing program run by Canada’s Music Incubator: the Artist Entrepreneur program. Right now I’m exhausted and overwhelmed but I’m so very grateful for this incredible opportunity.

Access to the expertise of people who are helping artists at all levels make better music and navigate the industry to actually make money is so helpful. I feel so much more confident now! Through the program I met a wonderful producer, Beatchild, who’s worked with award-winning artists like Drake, Justin Nozuka, Merna, and Divine Brown. He really is a genius and it was an incredible experience to collab with him on a song.

Meeting other people who completely love their work and aren’t settling in life is so inspiring. I know this program will help me to achieve the vision of a working Goth band and help me to take the steps needed to make a living doing what I love.